About Us

After working for 7 years, supplying plastic cards to various companies, we had become disheartened by how businesses were being treated. Tired of poor service, coupled with substandard products and high prices – we decided to create Kinect Supplies to directly fill that gap within the industry.

Kinect Supplies was born from a joint vision to provide businesses with our 3 core values; High Quality, Competitive Prices and Exceptional Service.

Our aim is to bring high quality service, and cost effective solutions, that Australia and the surrounding markets have not yet experienced. Your business matters to us. Kinect Supplies are here to help you provide an exceptional user experience for each of your customers.

We have partnered with some of the best ISO certified manufacturers in the world. Our products are created using state of the art design technology and materials. With us you can be sure that you’re providing your customers with high end cards, that will look beautiful and stand up to continual use.

Our mission is to set up long standing contracts with Australia’s biggest brands and disrupting the status quo, by delivering the service and products they deserve.

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