Foil Stamping

Our foil stamping gives a special overprint finish to each plastic card, usually in silver and gold to provide a truly striking, high-end effect.

Each of our cards are created using the highest quality materials and technology. Each card can also be fully customised to suit your brand, business and needs – ensuring the best possible end product

Type Hotel Card
Card Size 86 x 54 Credit Card Size ( CR80)
DPI 1200 DPI
Lamination Pre-laminated
Available Formats Hi-Co mag stripe, Lo-Co mag stripe, and RFID Chip
Quality Check Yes, Quality Inspected and shrink wrapped for protection and convenience
* Please note, all cards should be stored in a safe environment and only handled by the edges when not in use.
Kinect Supplies guarantees
  • Some of the lowest reject rates in the industry, ensuring the best experience for you and your customers.

  • Exceptional print and material quality, meaning less re-ordering and genuine bottom line savings.

  • High end customer service, unparalleled in the market.

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